Friday, September 21, 2012

From the Neighborhood - nice play on words

This bike shop is in Wash Park and I always get a kick out of the name.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Urban Dictionary Rejected my new Word

So urban dictionary rejected my new word (as referenced in my entry from 9/13,
Here's what they told me:
Thanks for your definition of misogynatrix! Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to not publish it.

I don't quite get it. They have accepted definitions for Misogynazi, Misogynette, misogynista and misogynistette. And a whole lot of stuff that makes me want to childproof my browser.
Oh well. It's on the web, so now it's a word, right?  ;-)

The best part of all this came out when I explained what happened to my husband. Something to bear in mind is that he speaks English as a second (or maybe 4th or 5th) language. I could tell as I was explaining that it wasn't getting through.

Me: So I came up with this new word that means a misogynist who hates women because he basically is a chick.
Me: So you know what a misogynist is, right?
DH: Yeah.
Me: What is it?
DH: A person who gives you a massage.

I like his definition a whole lot better that mine.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Study of Ologies

I just submitted a word to Urban Dictionary. Pretty excited since I googled and apparently no one else has used this word yet.

A dude who hates women because at his core he's a chick. From the Greek roots for hatred and woman, and the Latin suffix -trix which indicates a feminine noun.